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New NEXUS Cards Issued March 8, 2009

Posted by Matthew in NEXUS Card.
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I recently received a new NEXUS card in the mail. It looks a little less like it was printed with an off-the-shelf card printer and a more like the watermarked, foil-imprinted government ID card you’d expect.

A sample of the new NEXUS card from the Canada Border Services Agency.

A sample of the new NEXUS card from the Canada Border Services Agency.

The domain they send you to activate it in the accompanying letter is a secure website: https://goes-app… (note the ‘S’ after http). Force of habit led me to look right past the S, and type in http://goes-app… I sat there wondering why the page wasn’t loading.  With a quick check later, I realized my mistake. Once on the site, the card can be activated without even logging in; All you are required to do is enter two numbers that are found on the back of the card.

New security features:

  1. Black and white picture, interleaved with color background
  2. Color-changing “North America” foil seal on the top right
  3. Multicolor “Plane, Car, Boat” reflective overlay
  4. RFID-blocking cover (see below)

Even more fun? It came with a copper-lined shield (packaged along side it) to keep it in when not in use. This is the kind of thing that I hope the new RFID credit cards come with. That, or I guess I could always make an RFID-blocking wallet.

This raises some interesting questions: (Yes, it’s tin-foil hat time…) (more…)