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Applying for Passport(s) for Dual Citizens in Canada March 12, 2009

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To apply for a US Passport, fill out your information online on the appropriate form found on the Department of State website, print it out, and attach one of the photos you either took yourself or ordered online, and take the form with attached photo, the additional photo, and proof of citizenship to your local US Embassy. (See the application form for documentation requirements)

To apply for a Canadian Passport, download the appropriate PDF file from the Passport Canada website, and fill in the information in Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar PDF-reading programs. When finished, print it out, and bring the form along with your photos to a Guarantor to have signed. Then take the photos, application form, and proof of citizenship  to your local Passport Canada office. (See the application form for documentation requirements)

In my opinion, it’s best to visit the submission locations in person as opposed to mailing your application: If you go in person, you can show them the your citizenship documents, and leave with them in your hands. If you mail your application, you will have to include these documents with your application and wait for them to be mailed back. I’d much rather know where my vital documents are at all times than to send them off in the mail (if at all possible).

As a Dual Citizen by birth, I had no problems with any questions on either application regarding declaring of allegiance to another country, since I never have. When filling out these forms, pay careful attention to the questions they ask, especially regarding citizenships. Be sure to read the accompanying text thoroughly for exemptions and exclusions from citizenship. If in doubt, call up the local Embassy or Passport Canada office and ask.

(Please note: Always obey all written statements and directives on application forms. Don’t think that something doesn’t apply to you because you’re a dual citizen. In most cases, you can follow the rule of thumb: To Canada, you’re a Canadian. To the USA, you’re American. If in doubt, ASK someone, either from the US Citizens section of your local US Embassy, or from your local Passport Canada office.)



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